Designite is a software design quality assessment tool. It supports detection of many architecture, design, and implementation smells. The tool also computes various OO design metrics, detect code clones, prepares DSM (Dependency Structure Matrix), shows distribution of smells, and performs trend analysis to help you manage technical debt and achieve structural agility of your C# code. Apart from these features, the tool also offers a console application to perform highly customizable source code analysis. The tool offers free fully-functional academic licenses for all academic purposes.

Website of the tool:

Supported languages: C#

Supported smells

The tool supports detection of following set of smells.

  1. Ambiguous Interfaces
  2. Broken Hierarchy
  3. Broken Modularization
  4. Cross-module Cycle
  5. Cyclic Hierarchy
  6. Cyclically-dependent Modularization
  7. Deep Hierarchy
  8. Deficient Encapsulation
  9. Dependency Cycles between Packages/Subsystems
  10. Duplicate Abstraction
  11. Feature Concentration
  12. Hub-like Modularization
  13. Imperative Abstraction
  14. Insufficient Modularization
  15. Long Method
  16. Long Parameter List
  17. Missing Hierarchy
  18. Multifaceted Abstraction
  19. Multipath Hierarchy
  20. Rebellious Hierarchy
  21. Scattered Parasitic Functionality
  22. Too Large Packages/Subsystems
  23. Unexploited Encapsulation
  24. Unfactored Hierarchy
  25. Unnecessary Abstraction
  26. Unstable Dependency
  27. Unutilized Abstraction
  28. Wide Hierarchy


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