Implementation Smells

  1. Attribute name and type are opposite
  2. Attribute signature and comment are opposite
  4. Complex Conditional
  5. Complex Method
  6. Duplicate Code
  7. Empty Catch Block
  8. Expecting but not getting a collection
  9. Expecting but not getting a single instance
  10. Long Identifier
  11. Long Method
  12. Long Parameter List
  13. Long Statement
  14. Magic Number
  15. Method name and return type are opposite
  16. Method signature and comment are opposite
  17. Missing Default
  18. Name suggests Boolean but type does not
  19. Not answered question
  20. Says many but contains one
  21. Says one but contains many
  22. Temporary Field
  23. Transform method does not return
  24. Validation method does not confirm
  25. Virtual Method Call from Constructor
  26. “Get” - more than an accessor
  27. “Get” method does not return
  28. “Is” returns more than a Boolean
  29. “Set” method returns


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