Graffiti: Social Expressions of Athens

Graffiti is a social expression. The street art reflects the thoughts of society in general. By observing them, we can grasp the social sentiment at the grass-roots level.

Athens is not really known on graffiti landscape as Berlin, Buenos Aires, or New York; however, there is a lot to explore and admire for a graffiti hunter in Athens.

Here are some gems that I found. Enjoy 🙂

The alternative world
The world is being created by different people
Black and White and colourful chemistry
“System of a Fraud”
The digital age
Discrete aging
Men at work
A video game frame
The matrix
The war of love
Not so sweet dreams
The subtle. (It is an interesting one. The original painter did not create the teeth!! The subtle change flipped the meaning.)
The helping hand
The fear
A devil
The battleground and survival
The supreme Parthenon
The roots of thoughts
Character crafting

Where to find graffiti in Athens? Well, I clicked these shots mostly in and around center of Athens (Psyrri, Exarchia, Kerameikos). Some of the pictures are from Nea Ionia. Others have posted the famous routes to find graffiti in Athens.