“Designite: A Customizable Tool for Smell Mining in C# Repositories” – SATToSE 2017

“Designite: A Customizable Tool for Smell Mining in C# Repositories” to appear in SATToSE (Seminar Series on Advanced Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution).


Code smells indicate the presence of quality issues in a software system. For a thorough large scale smell mining study, researchers require tools that not only allow them to detect a wide range of smells in a large number of repositories automatically but also offer mechanisms to customize the analysis. In this paper, we present a tool Designite that detects 19 design and 11 implementation smells for source code written in C# programming language. Designite provides a command line tool, in addition to an interactive user interface, to support automation required for a large scale mining study. Furthermore, the tool allows customization of quality analysis parameters, such as metric thresholds, to serve a wider range of users.


Tushar Sharma


The preprint of the paper can be accessed here.